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Post-Judgment Custody And Visitation Enforcement

A well-drafted custody, visitation and parenting order should provide you with a clear indication of your rights regarding time with your children. Even when they are clearly stated, not all parents follow the orders relative to parental rights and responsibilities. Additionally, not all custody and visitation agreements and orders are clear enough to avoid disputes.

When a parent refuses to allow the other parent to spend time with the children according to the court order, when parents think that they can set their own rules regarding when and how much time they spend with their children, when one parent ignores the rights of the other in arriving at decisions regarding the raising of the children, court intervention is often the only remedy.

If your rights concerning access to your children and input in their upbringing under your custody, visitation and parenting plan are being ignored or thwarted by your ex-spouse, the Law Office Of Robert A. Skovgaard will take the necessary steps to have your rights enforced and respected.

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