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Custody And Visitation Modifications

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As children reach different developmental stages and as parents’ situations change, modifications to custody, visitation and parenting plans are often called for. What is right for a 2-year-old is not necessarily right for a 5-year-old. A parenting plan that works for an 8-year-old may not make sense for a 13-year-old. A parent’s changing work responsibilities may alter the time they have available to parent and make a modification of the parenting schedule appropriate. Relocation of a parent presents special issues that need special attention and expertise. As with all other aspects of divorce cases involving children, such modifications are and should be based on what is best for the children. An experienced attorney familiar with child development is your best ally in these cases.

I have been trained at the Quinnipiac University School of Law in conjunction with the Connecticut Judicial Department to protect the interests of children in divorce cases. This training includes extensive review of the appropriate developmental needs of children. I have the respect of the judges of the Stamford Superior Court, as demonstrated by my appointment as a both attorney for minor children in contested custody and visitation cases and special master in cases in which I am not the attorney, to help the parties resolve their cases without the necessity of a trial.

I have the experience that can only be acquired through many years of practice. Your custody and visitation modification matter will be handled in a way that will ensure that your rights to be with your children are fully protected.

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