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A Strong Defense In The Face Of DWI Charges

Anybody can be pulled over for DUI or DWI, but an arrest or a charge does not mean you are guilty. It also does not make you a bad person. We all make mistakes, even the police officers who charge individuals with crimes can make errors in the arrest process.

At my Stamford law firm, the Law Office Of Robert A. Skovgaard, I vigorously advocate for clients who are facing DUI or DWI charges in Connecticut. You receive personal counsel from a criminal defense attorney with over 40 years of experience, including almost a decade in the public defender’s office. You can rest assured that you will receive fair treatment under the law.

What To Do When You’re Pulled Over For DWI

The moments after being pulled over can be frightening, and you may not know how to react. The most important thing to do is to remain respectful to law enforcement officers, even if they are acting unlawfully. Any mistake made during your arrest could be used to dismiss your charges later on.

After you are pulled over, always remain truthful, but remember you have the right to remain silent. If you are asked to take a chemical sobriety test, and you have not previously been convicted of a DWI, you should do so — declining this test will lead to additional penalties. The results can be disputed later in your case.

Always be polite. Give them your license, registration and insurance card if they ask. If you are asked any other questions, tell the police that you want to speak to an attorney before speaking to the police any further. Even if you have done nothing wrong, answers that you give to questions can be misinterpreted by the police or the court. If the police want to arrest you, you must let them. If you object or struggle, you can be charged with additional crimes. If the police ask to search you or your car, politely say no. If it is possible to do so, record the entire interaction between you and the police.

Lastly, always work with an experienced DWI lawyer. I am prepared to investigate the circumstances surrounding your arrest to determine if police followed the appropriate protocol when charging you with a DUI. This attention to detail may ultimately lead to charges that are lessened or dismissed altogether.

Don’t Let One Mistake Define You — Stand Up For Your Rights

If convicted, you could face hefty fines, jail time and driver’s license suspension. If you have been convicted of DUI already and you were convicted on a new DWI charge, there is a mandatory jail sentence. These consequences can make anyone feel uneasy and overwhelmed. You do not, however, have to face this alone.

I offer free initial consultations at my office in Stamford. To get started, call my firm at 203-883-4506 or reach out online to schedule your appointment.