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Alimony And Child Support Modifications

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Post-judgment modifications of financial orders are necessary when one or both parents experience a substantial change in circumstances. In our current economy, job loss, decreased income and relocation are common causes for alimony and modifications of child support orders.

A knowledgeable and experienced lawyer can help you seek or defend against modifications of financial orders. As with establishing original orders, successful negotiation or litigation of modifications of financial orders requires experience, knowledge and finesse. In my more than 40 years of practice as a post-judgment modification lawyer, I have developed these vital skills so that I can provide my clients with extraordinary professional service.

In some cases, issues that result in a need for modifications are known ahead of time; for example, some changes in employment or relocations are known about well in advance. Sometimes, they can arise out of the blue, such as an unexpected job loss or illness. Whichever is the case, as soon as you become aware of an impending change, even if it is months in the future, you should contact me, attorney Robert A. Skovgaard, immediately.

It is very important that you act immediately upon learning of any change in circumstances because the court cannot make any orders of modification effective prior to the date on which the request for modification was made to the court.

Even if you and your ex-spouse are in agreement on a modification — even with written and notarized agreements between you and your ex-spouse — modifications are not enforceable without the court’s approval of those agreements.

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