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Connecticut parents take a break from divorce during the holidays

Separating from a spouse can be unsettling, but it can be traumatic for any young children involved. A divorce can often leave questions, uncertainty and blame for little ones to carry. During the holiday season, some Connecticut parents forgo the sentiment and often interfere with the other parent's visitation. These actions can carry consequences that have a lasting negative effect on the relationship with one's child.

Allowing the kids to have uninterrupted time with the other parent is crucial. Building relationships with each parent separately is important to help foster trust and honesty within the new family dynamic. It also allows for the ex as well as the children to see a mutual respect between two who people who are no longer together.

Domestic violence resources available in Connecticut

As the weather turns cold, many shelters throughout Connecticut are preparing for an influx of residents. Many assume the homeless that frequent the shelters suffer from alcohol or drug abuse. What many fail to realize is that most who turn up at the shelter in need of a warm bed and food are women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

Statistically speaking, one in four women will be a victim of domestic violence at some point in their lives. And men who suffer domestic abuse are increasing the numbers as well. As many who find themselves in an abusive relationship look for a way out, the road can be hard and lined with many hurdles. The lack of access to resources, even when on paper the family appears to have wealth, can be problematic for those trying to flee an abusive partner and start a new life. Without help to clear the hurdles, many will return to their abusers.

Subcontractors make child support hard to collect in Connecticut

When a relationship involving children dissolves, many questions surface regarding the care and financial obligations necessary to provide for the kids. Child support is often agreed upon or court-ordered, but some Connecticut parents are still finding ways to avoid making the payments. Working as a subcontractor has long been a means for many court-ordered parents to avoid having their wages garnished after failing to make court-ordered payments.

A woman in another state has found herself with limited options in regard to getting child support payments from her ex-husband. She says that her ex works a ride-share driver and is classified as a subcontractor. This means that the worker is responsible for taxes, reporting and court issues, like child support and tax liens. The order of assignment bypasses the company who would normally garnish his or her wages and goes directly to the driver.

Are Connecticut millenials thinking about divorce before marriage

As many millennials begin to contemplate marriage, one aspect that many Connecticut couples are looking at is that of a prenuptial agreement. Even though a divorce is not something any newly engaged couple wants to think about, the reality and statistics suggest otherwise. But against what many believe to be a disregard for traditions and a lack of loyalty, the reality is that many millennials are simply delaying marriage and have a more realistic view of the reality of marriage and what can happen.

For many young couples looking to tie the knot, a prenuptial agreement is estate planning and the protecting of one's assets prior to the big event. Creating the "map" of how things will look should the marriage dissolve is not a lack of commitment, but a tool to help with communication and laying all assets and liabilities out on the table. This realistic approach is an invaluable tool to not only building wealth, but preserving it as well.

Connecticut residents call police on suspected domestic violence

Many cases of some form of abuse are present in the news on an almost daily basis in Connecticut. Domestic violence is an area of abuse that often stirs the emotions of many who come across the story or news report. Sometimes, the incident occurs as the result of heated emotions and involves others who are not directly involved in the relationship. This can include children, parents and others.

A 31-year-old female has been charged with disorderly conduct, risk of injury, second-degree strangulation and interfering with an arrest after an incident that occurred late last week. The woman is accused of trying to enter an apartment that she does not reside in or own. While trying to gain access to the apartment, the accused had an altercation with a woman who had a minor child with her.

Protecting business assets during a Connecticut divorce

Protecting one's assets during a separation can seem overwhelming. As more Connecticut women dive into the responsibility of business ownership, the thought of breaking the company apart during a divorce can be heart wrenching. Understanding the unique financial challenges that the end of a marriage can impose is crucial to ensuring that the division of assets is fair and comprehensive.

A prenuptial agreement is usually advisable before tying the knot, especially when one or both spouses have considerable assets prior to the union. But advice is not always followed and some may have started and grown a business with their soon-to-be ex-spouse during the marriage. Regardless, having a firm grasp on the current net worth of the company, growth potential and all liabilities prior to divorce negotiations will shed light on the true value of any potential equitable payout.

Connecticut dads are winning child custody cases

Connecticut couples going through a divorce can find the experience emotionally taxing. When children are involved, the preference of the court for child custody has usually favored the mother, but fathers are beginning to present a case for themselves and are challenging the norm. As judges take a closer look at the family life prior to the split, dads are getting full custody more than one might assume.

A few ways a father can present a more compelling case to a judge during a custody hearing is to let the judge know the depth the father's involvement with the children, both before the split and during. Keeping a record of all activities that are done with the children can help to show consistency and how often a dad is with the kids. Holding on to all documents that show financial support that has been provided to help care for them can also be helpful.

Connecticut man charged with domestic violence after police chase

A relationship where abuse is present is never easy, especially when children are involved. The idea of leaving can be terrifying, particularly if the abuser is physically violent. Those in Connecticut who have fled a domestic violence situation often find the abuser to be continually aggressive and controlling, refusing to give up.

Police responded to a call from an individual seeking assistance for a domestic disturbance a little after 7 a.m. recently. A 42-year-old male was allegedly assaulting a victim and damaging a vehicle. The suspect fled the scene in his car prior to the police arriving.

Connecticut celebrity caught up in child support battle

Connecticut celebrities can find themselves in situations that leave their personal lives open to the public. One such athlete, Miguel Cabrera, is in the midst of a now very public child custody battle with a woman in another state. She claims he is not paying enough in child support. He contests, saying the florist is trying to get more money from him for personal use under the guise of child support payments.

A baseball hall-of-famer and highly paid player has found himself in a very public child support battle. The mother of his two children says that Miguel Cabrera is not currently paying enough child support and is requesting more than $100,000 a month. The 35-year-old mother would like for her two kids to receive the same standard of living as the three children of Cabrera's and his wife of 15 years.

Child custody battle could have Connecticut parents fleeing

When the issue of divorce or separation becomes the elephant in the room for couples and children are involved, a bitter battle may ensue. Some parents will go as far as breaking the law to keep a child from the other parent. Connecticut parents caught up in a child custody case can find themselves searching for their child and the missing ex-partner when the custody battle heats up.

A young mother in another state has recently been found after fleeing with her young son. For four months the 19-year-old mother was on the run to avoid shared custody with her ex-husband. Authorities believe that the woman's parents aided her in the abduction and gave authorities inaccurate statements and misleading information.