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Post-Judgment Alimony And Child Support Enforcement

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Not all parents honor their financial obligations to their former spouse and children. When court-ordered alimony and child support payments are not made, serious financial hardships can arise. In some families, payment issues arise repeatedly.

Enforcement of alimony and child support orders requires an attorney who is both attentive and assertive. The parent not meeting his or her obligation must not only be required to bring himself or herself into compliance, but must also be shown that repeated violations of financial orders can have serious repercussions as well. Wage executions, payment of attorney’s fees, suspension of professional licenses and jail are all possibilities that nonpaying parents face. When and where appropriate, these avenues will be sought in order to ensure that orders are fully complied with.

Inability To Pay Child Support And Alimony

There are circumstances that can arise that make it impossible to pay alimony and child support as required by the court. The loss of a job, extraordinary medical expenses and unforeseen expenses related to your children are only a few of the legitimate reasons why child support and alimony payments cannot be made as required by a court order. If circumstances arise that keep you from making your payments as required, you should immediately contact an attorney to protect your rights.

Only the court has the power to make modifications of its financial orders effective as of the date on which the request for the modification is made. Even if you and your ex-spouse come to a written, notarized agreement that differs from the court order, that agreement does not change your legal rights and/or obligations. In order to have any such agreement be binding, you need to have it approved by the court. Because of this, it is vitally important that you take immediate steps to contact an experienced attorney to help you get the financial relief you need as soon as that need arises.

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