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Not all divorces need to be resolved in a courtroom. Many individuals who are facing divorce choose mediation as a cost-effective method to dissolve the marriage. Any couple can mediate a divorce, regardless of the complexity of their marriage. The one requirement of mediation is a genuine desire to collaborate and negotiate peacefully.

I am attorney Robert Skovgaard, and I have been helping individuals amicably sort divorce proceedings for more than 40 years. I was formally trained in divorce mediation by a nationally recognized expert, and I am prepared to help my clients as counsel in a mediation by creatively crafting solutions to each of my unique clients.

Attentive Stamford Divorce Mediation Attorney

As with all other areas within family law, I strongly believe in the power of listening to my clients. By striving to understand your goals and concerns, I can help you obtain the best results possible in an affordable and efficient manner. When mediating, you are ultimately in control of the outcome of your divorce. I supply my clients with the information and tools they need to make the decisions that will serve their best interests and the interests of their children.

Mediation can apply to all areas of family law, including:

Once approved by a judge, these carefully crafted documents become legally binding just as though you had taken your divorce through the traditional, adversarial process.

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My office is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays, and I offer evening and weekend appointments. To speak with a lawyer who can help you navigate family law mediation in Connecticut, email or call my firm at 203-883-4506.