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Sound Legal Guidance During The Challenges Of Divorce

Divorce is often emotionally, mentally and financially complicated. Deciding to get a divorce is the first step in a multilayered legal process that will completely change the life you once knew.

I am attorney Robert A. Skovgaard, and my Stamford law firm has helped those in Fairfield County and across Connecticut through the sensitive challenges of divorce for over 40 years. During this time, family and divorce law have been a primary focus of my practice. Years of experience in these issues allow me to provide the divorce guidance that every person deserves. Listening carefully to your concerns and addressing them with you personally are a vital part of being a good family lawyer.

A Unique Approach, A Swift Resolution

My experience as a skilled negotiator often allows me to secure positive settlements without having to go to trial, cutting down on costs and resolving your divorce as quickly and efficiently as possible. I will never stretch the truth to get your business — rather, I work closely with every client to offer realistic assessments of each case, from the divorce and asset division terms to child custody and alimony agreements.

By dedicating my undivided attention to your concerns and goals for the future, I will also help you understand the legal process and put you on a strong path to making the best decisions for you and your family. And when negotiations fail, I am always prepared to advocate for your interests in trial.

Whether a case is resolved between the parties or a judge’s help is necessary, every case needs to be reviewed and approved by a judge. A court appearance by both parties is usually required.

Uncontested Divorce

Even uncontested divorces present issues that require the assistance of a highly qualified divorce attorney. My clients are encouraged to be honest and open about their situation, and I am prepared to provide a realistic assessment of each case. While questions regarding child custody, property division and alimony are all common issues within both uncontested and contested divorce, each case is different and requires individualized attention.

I will help you understand the legal process and put you on a strong path to making informed decisions in negotiations and litigation, should it become necessary.

Choose An Experienced Fairfield County Divorce Trial Lawyer

Most cases are resolved by an agreement between the parties. There are, however, cases in which the parties need a judge to make a decision. Sometimes, there is a genuine and reasonable disagreement between the parties and their lawyers as to what is a fair resolution of a particular issue.

There are also cases, unfortunately, where one of the parties or one of the lawyers is not committed to resolving the case fairly. It is impossible to negotiate with someone who refuses to be reasonable. In these cases, a trial is usually required. With over 40 years of experience, I am prepared to skillfully litigate your divorce when necessary.

Get Your Free Consultation — Call Toll-Free At 203-883-4506

My office is conveniently located near the courthouse, and I offer free initial consultations to all divorce clients. Evening and weekend appointments are also available by request. Work with a family lawyer you can trust; call my firm at 203-883-4506 to schedule your consultation.