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December 2015 Archives

Focusing on essentials during mediation may ease divorce process

Divorce is increasingly common in modern society, and most Connecticut residents likely know at least one divorced couple. For this reason, there is never a shortage of advice when a person announces the intention to file for divorce. However, the dynamics of each couple are unique, and conflicting bits of advice from various sources can increase anxiety and stress.

Thinking about divorce ahead of time can influence decisions

The holiday season is quite often a precursor to a wave of divorces as people often wait until after the holidays to pursue a separation. However, Connecticut residents might be surprised to learn that people also use the holidays as an opportunity to re-evaluate their marriages, which can sometimes lead to a reconciliation. Even if it does not, thinking ahead about divorce is a good practice for any couple considering it. 

Couples wait until after holidays to divorce, studies show

According to many experts, December and the holiday season in general represents the "calm before the storm;" that is to say, the onset of divorce season. It should come as no surprise to Connecticut residents that couples on the verge of divorce, especially those with children, tend to wait until after the holiday season is over to file. However, this sometimes delays the process several months as couples recoup their costs. 

Dealing with a difficult divorce

It is an unfortunate fact that not all marital separations are amicable. Some experts have noted the prevalence of the so-called divorce bully, a spouse who has previously not exhibited bullying behaviors but begins to do so during the course of a divorce. Thankfully, there are ways for Connecticut residents to deal with this difficult and often frustrating situation. 

Divorce preparation tips for Connecticut residents

Perhaps one of the most difficult conversations an individual can have is the conversation with his or her spouse in which he or she asks for a divorce. Divorce, as some Connecticut residents are keenly aware, is often a very challenging process for both individuals involved. Starting down the road to divorce on the right foot can be tricky but doing so can ultimately set the stage for the sort of process it will be.