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Thinking about divorce ahead of time can influence decisions

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2015 | Divorce |

The holiday season is quite often a precursor to a wave of divorces as people often wait until after the holidays to pursue a separation. However, Connecticut residents might be surprised to learn that people also use the holidays as an opportunity to re-evaluate their marriages, which can sometimes lead to a reconciliation. Even if it does not, thinking ahead about divorce is a good practice for any couple considering it. 

Of the 3,000 married individuals polled about whether they thought of divorce over the holidays, about half said they did. However, almost all of them had not taken legal action towards an actual separation, and many said they would be willing to give their relationships another try if their partners agreed to meet them halfway. Thinking about divorce does not always mean following through on it. 

However, for those who do follow through, thinking ahead is a good practice. Considering the implications of a separation, including the financial and emotional outcome, can help both individuals be more prepared for a life-changing event. Additionally, preparing documentation and speaking to professionals about personal responsibilities throughout the process can help prepare both spouses for the process. 

Ultimately, people do not often marry with the hope of later getting divorced. However, it is a reality for many Connecticut residents. Thinking ahead about divorce is a good way to evaluate if divorce is the right step to take, and if it is, it can help to be better prepared ahead of time to help smooth the road. 

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