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Focusing on essentials during mediation may ease divorce process

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2015 | Divorce |

Divorce is increasingly common in modern society, and most Connecticut residents likely know at least one divorced couple. For this reason, there is never a shortage of advice when a person announces the intention to file for divorce. However, the dynamics of each couple are unique, and conflicting bits of advice from various sources can increase anxiety and stress.

The input of a qualified divorce mediator may be worth much more than the personal experiences of an acquaintance, friend or family member. Such an impartial third-party can facilitate negotiations between the spouses — each with the support of their respective attorneys — and encourage communication and compromise when necessary. He or she can ensure that both parties remain focused on the business at hand in order to achieve a fair and lasting settlement. 

Negotiations related to child custody can be emotional, and the mediator can help guide parents through the process without using the kids as pawns. The best interests of the children will remain the focus of the dialogue, and parenting plans or visitation schedules can be drafted during mediation. Parents may also use this platform to agree to maintain an amicable relationship for the sake of the children, and to avoid talking about the other parent in a negative manner.

An experienced Connecticut divorce attorney can provide valuable input during the mediation sessions while also ensuring that the legal rights of his or her client are protected along the way. Once mutual decisions are reached, the two attorneys can draft a divorce settlement for approval of the court. Following this route may ensure a final divorce decree in a much shorter time than a litigated divorce, and often at a reduced cost.

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