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Signs a divorce may be coming

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2020 | Divorce |

In a long-lasting marriage, the red flags of divorce can be hard to notice. After spending years together with a spouse, couples can start running through the motions of being in a relationship drift past things that need serious attention. Missing these critical signs can be a significant factor that leads to

As many as 50% of marriages result in divorce or separation. Couples who can spot warning signs of divorce may be able to reduce this figure. These are only a few warning signs that indicate a divorce may be just around the corner.

Unprovoked hostility

When a couple encounters things that result in aggression when it usually doesn’t, this can be a sign of resentment towards a spouse. An example of this would be forgetting to take out the trash resulting in an explosive argument instead of a simple reminder.


A spouse distancing themselves from their partner is also a sign of emotional distancing. This behavior can appear as spending considerable time in a separate room, or even another location entirely. Neglect from a spouse can even be as simple as responding only with minimal dialogue.

Drastic changes to intimate life

Any unusual change to the sexual relations between a married couple can indicate a troubled marriage. A substantial increase can be as much of a threat as a significant decrease in the frequency of intercourse.

Prioritizing other relationship

A distancing spouse may put more time and energy into other relationships, either through the internet or in other people like coworkers. This action may be an effort to fulfill emotional needs in other places.


When a spouse had an addiction, either to substances or habits like gambling, and will not pursue treatment for it, it can create an irreparable divide in marriage. Spouses who watch their loved one sink into addiction can feel like their loved one is choosing their obsession over their marriage.

Therapy resistance

Therapy and counseling can be powerful tools to repair issues in a marriage. If a spouse resists treatment or even refuses to attend, it may signal that they are not interested in protecting the union.

If a spouse presents one or more issues like these in a marriage, it may indicate an imminent divorce. The other spouse then has the option to either fight to fix the problems or prepare for divorce.