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March 2015 Archives

Divorce case frequency rises in March

It is a belief held by many divorce attorneys: March is divorce month. For some reason, it appears Connecticut couples, as well as couples around the country, choose March to begin a divorce case that will culminate in the legal dissolution of their marriage. There are several reasons this could be, according to some commentators. 

Planning ahead for divorce helps mitigate issues

No two divorces are the same, as many people are already aware. The individual influence of each spouse can shape the path of a divorce, from initial separation to finalizing an agreement. Connecticut residents can benefit from being mindful of these differences, and by planning for them in advance of sitting down to the negotiation table. 

Misinformation about divorce can complicate process

It is often heard that 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce. Connecticut residents might be surprised to discover that simply is not true -- in fact, divorce rates since the 1980s have actually been declining. However, that statistic is only one of many pieces of misinformation regularly circulated about divorce that can have potential ramifications on an individual couple's divorce process. 

Avoiding extraneous cost and emotional hurt in divorce

It is probably fair to say that divorce is rarely an overwhelmingly pleasant experience for anyone involved. Connecticut residents who have experienced the end of a marriage likely have some unpleasant stories to share about the experience. As a result, some individuals are turning to so-called collaborative divorce to help mitigate the toll it can take on pocketbooks and hearts alike.