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Avoiding extraneous cost and emotional hurt in divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2015 | Divorce |

It is probably fair to say that divorce is rarely an overwhelmingly pleasant experience for anyone involved. Connecticut residents who have experienced the end of a marriage likely have some unpleasant stories to share about the experience. As a result, some individuals are turning to so-called collaborative divorce to help mitigate the toll it can take on pocketbooks and hearts alike. 

The very process of litigation can have a detrimental effect on an already strained relationship between spouses. The goal of collaborative divorce is to help ease the strain of litigation by avoiding court altogether. While each spouse still retains legal counsel, the approach also includes a financial adviser and a mental health coach. 

There are other benefits as well – for example, the longer a divorce trial carries on, the more it will end up costing both parties in legal and court fees. Avoiding court can sometimes help to speed up the process, not only by avoiding certain legal “red tape” but also by helping spouses get along throughout the process. While a collaborative divorce is by no means a fool-proof road to a conflict-free divorce, it is another option available to Connecticut residents that may warrant further research. 

No divorce is truly the same as any other, given that individuals can respond to frustrating and stressful situations in different ways. Connecticut residents may benefit from knowing more about all of their possible options when it comes to their own divorce. While it may not work for everyone, collaborative divorce is one such option. 

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