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Misinformation about divorce can complicate process

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2015 | Divorce |

It is often heard that 50 percent of all marriages end in divorce. Connecticut residents might be surprised to discover that simply is not true — in fact, divorce rates since the 1980s have actually been declining. However, that statistic is only one of many pieces of misinformation regularly circulated about divorce that can have potential ramifications on an individual couple’s divorce process. 

Quite often, a so-called truism bandied about regarding divorce is that it “hurts” children — that is to say, ending a marriage can have negative repercussions on offspring. While it is of course true that children are influenced by divorce, it is by no means a general fact that they are “hurt” by it. In fact, many experts advise against “staying together for the kids” as doing so can lead to resentment and other harmful side effects down the line. 

Another common misconception about divorce revolves around the causes of a marriage’s breakdown. Infidelity and general unhappiness are often seen as causes of divorce. While in some cases, they are reasons to end a marriage, it is not necessarily a single event that causes a marriage to end. In dealing with a divorce, both parties can benefit from letting go of the feelings that may have caused the dissolution to occur in order to better handle the realities of the current situation. 

Many inconsistencies abound when it comes to the topic of divorce. Connecticut residents can approach this challenging life experience more effectively if they are versed in the realities of the divorce process. Seeking out information on this topic in advance of filing can be hugely beneficial. 

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