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Divorce case frequency rises in March

On Behalf of | Mar 24, 2015 | Divorce |

It is a belief held by many divorce attorneys: March is divorce month. For some reason, it appears Connecticut couples, as well as couples around the country, choose March to begin a divorce case that will culminate in the legal dissolution of their marriage. There are several reasons this could be, according to some commentators. 

Within the first three months of the year, some attorneys report seeing a “spike” in divorce filings, with the highest numbers appearing in March. This apparently follows a lull during the holiday months, which might be attributed to struggling couples waiting until the season has passed to make their decision final. The numbers start to pick up around Valentine’s Day, a phenomenon described by some professionals as “unsurprising,” considering the spirit of that holiday. 

All in all, some attorneys list numbers of up to 35 percent of all annual divorces happening in the first quarter. It is suggested that if January is “make the decision” month, and February allows time for both individuals to get their affairs in order and seek representation, March is therefore the month in which these couples choose to file. Interestingly, this phenomenon refers just as much to so-called gray divorces (in which the couple is over 50 years old) as it does to younger couples. This may suggest a turning point in how divorce is viewed culturally. 

A divorce case can be a complicated and emotionally exhausting process, as some Connecticut residents are already aware. However, it can also be the healthiest thing for a relationship that has otherwise appeared to run its course. No matter what month a couple chooses to file for divorce, it is important for both individuals to be well-informed about the process before proceeding to the filing stage. 

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