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December 2014 Archives

State Attorney General files for divorce

A Attorney General from another state is ending her 14-year marriage, according to news local to the couple. Connecticut residents may be familiar with Attorney General Kathleen Kane, who recently filed for divorce from her husband of over a decade, citing irreconcilable differences. The couple will be entering divorce negotiations soon. 

Clint Eastwood completes divorce process

Famed Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood has at last finalized his years-long separation battle, according to news sources. Connecticut residents will recognize Eastwood as a noted actor and director, but he has spent time in the spotlight in recent years as his divorce from his estranged wife Dina dragged on in a very public way. However, the couple has apparently finally reached a divorce settlement that works for them both. 

Star of TV's "Dukes of Hazzard" faces divorce

The man famous for playing the role of Bo Duke on the classic television show "The Dukes of Hazzard" is facing a marital separation after 21 years of marriage, according to entertainment sources. Connecticut "Dukes" fans may be surprised to hear of John Schneider's impending divorce, particularly after two decades of matrimony. However, as many people are already aware, the duration of a marriage plays little role in whether or not a couple stays together "until death do them part." 

Scott Stapp, singer of Creed, faces divorce

The wife of a prominent rock singer is seeking an end to their marriage, according to news sources. Connecticut fans may recognize the iconic voice of Creed frontman Scott Stapp, who rose to prominence in the late 1990s and early 2000s with chart-topping rock singles like "With Arms Wide Open." The singer's wife has cited his struggles with drugs and alcohol as cause for their impending divorce

High-asset divorce causes unique divorce issues

It is fair to assume that most people seeking a divorce are not necessarily also independently wealthy. Of course, this is sometimes the case. Connecticut residents should not be surprised, then, that such divorce situations bring up unique divorce issues related to dividing assets of significant value. However, there are ways to avoid the common pitfalls endemic to high-asset divorce.