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February 2014 Archives

Explaining divorce to children key in development, experts say

It is a well-known fact that a marital separation can have profound effects on a family dynamic when children are involved. As many Connecticut residents know, divorce can be a particularly challenging hurdle to get over for children of divorcing parents. Some experts have suggested that the key to helping children through this transition is to break the news with due attention paid to their feelings and well-being.

Social Security benefits can be a factor in a Connecticut divorce

Marriage and Social Security go hand-in-glove in the eyes of the law, and that doesn't necessarily change in the event the marriage is terminated. Connecticut residents facing divorce may wish to learn more about how Social Security is impacted by a marital dissolution, particularly for those of middle age who have been married for some time. The same is true of remarriage -- an ex-spouse may be entitled to benefits over and above a new partner.

Divorce may uncover some tax issues

The divorce papers have been signed and everyone is moving on with life. Then, a dreaded envelope arrives in the mailbox. There is to be a tax audit related to taxes filed while still married. This scenario can happen more often than one would think for Connecticut residents. Divorce may relieve one of the day-to-day contacts with a spouse; however, the issue of taxes can cause other divorce issues to arise.

Divorce trends mirror economic conditions, experts say

It has long been believed that money is the root of many marital disputes, and while that is often undoubtedly the case, this old truism is actually at odds with the truth espoused by recent polls. Connecticut residents may be surprised to discover that, in the recent recession, divorce rates actually went down, rather than up. There are several possible reasons for this trend.

Children of divorce speak on parents staying together

A recent online poll of children of divorced parents shed light on a very common practice: that of staying together for the benefit of the kids. Connecticut parents considering divorce may already be familiar with this concept -- that one must stay in a failing marriage because the consequences of divorce would have more repercussions on their children. Surprisingly, many children -- now adults themselves -- lent credence to the opposing viewpoint.

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