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Divorce trends mirror economic conditions, experts say

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2014 | Divorce |

It has long been believed that money is the root of many marital disputes, and while that is often undoubtedly the case, this old truism is actually at odds with the truth espoused by recent polls. Connecticut residents may be surprised to discover that, in the recent recession, divorce rates actually went down, rather than up. There are several possible reasons for this trend.

It has been reported by several sources that the divorce rate declined during the recession and has been slowly returning to normal levels as the economy struggles to right itself. Some believe this can be attributed to the idea of shared adversity — that facing a difficult financial situation actually brings couples together. Proponents of this idea have taken to calling it the “silver lining” of the recession.

Others, however, believe it is a simple case of finances. Couples choose not to divorce during periods of economic instability because to do so is to have to face challenging financial situations with a single income, to say nothing of the costs associated with the divorce process itself. In either case, some experts have noted similarities between the current trends and those of the Great Depression. Accordingly, whatever the reason, the trend is not without precedent.

Divorce is a very personal issue for couples, and their choice to seek a separation may — or may not — be influenced by external factors. However, it can be of benefit to Connecticut residents seeking to end a marriage to have a fuller understanding of what will be required of them ahead of approaching the negotiation table. This can help eliminate unnecessary issues when filing begins.

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