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Divorce may uncover some tax issues

On Behalf of | Feb 14, 2014 | Divorce |

The divorce papers have been signed and everyone is moving on with life. Then, a dreaded envelope arrives in the mailbox. There is to be a tax audit related to taxes filed while still married. This scenario can happen more often than one would think for Connecticut residents. Divorce may relieve one of the day-to-day contacts with a spouse; however, the issue of taxes can cause other divorce issues to arise.

Many divorced couples are discovering that the IRS is also a part of their divorce. When a couple decides to get divorced, there is often an extensive audit that becomes a part of the divorce proceedings. It is possible that this audit may uncover assets that one spouse was not aware of. It is also possible that it may uncover assets that the IRS was not made aware of.

As a part of the divorce proceedings, the judge typically reviews all documents. Furthermore, in the event that these documents highlight discrepancies, the judge is required to report them to the IRS. Such action could then trigger an IRS audit.

Often, these assets have also been hidden from the spouse. If this is the case, this individual needs to notify the IRS of the lack of knowledge and ask for relief as an innocent spouse. It may also be in this individual’s best interest to seek advice from those who have experience in these circumstances.

For most individuals, a divorce is not an experience that they wish to relive. Event the most amicable Connecticut divorce can be a stressful experience. Problems with the IRS as a result of divorce documents can just add to the stress of adjusting to a new life. Assistance in dealing with these issues may be the answer.

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