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Children of divorce speak on parents staying together

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2014 | Divorce |

A recent online poll of children of divorced parents shed light on a very common practice: that of staying together for the benefit of the kids. Connecticut parents considering divorce may already be familiar with this concept — that one must stay in a failing marriage because the consequences of divorce would have more repercussions on their children. Surprisingly, many children — now adults themselves — lent credence to the opposing viewpoint.

Children, some said, are far smarter and in tune with their surroundings than they are often given credit for. Those who said their parents tried to put a “brave face” on their relationship problems were fooling no one and creating a hostile living environment. In some cases, children felt their parents had taken out negative feelings on them out of an inability to express them in a healthy way.

Perhaps most tellingly, many of the polled children of divorce said that transitioning into life with separated parents was a less challenging obstacle than living with an unhappy couple. Many said their lives and relationships with their parents improved following the divorce. Considering how important a child’s welfare is to a parent, it may be helpful for parents to consider all options when faced with a troubled relationship.

Ultimately, each couple must do what is right for them and for their own families and relationships. However, Connecticut residents may find it useful to learn more about how separation and divorce works on a legal level in this state. Staying together for the kids is always an option, but it is helpful to have more than one option from which to choose.

Source: The Huffington Post, 5 Reasons Kids From Unhappy Homes Say It’s Better To Divorce Than Stay Married, Brittany Wong, Jan. 27, 2014