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August 2016 Archives

Truth, honesty and a Connecticut divorce

Truth and honesty are not always the norm when it comes to ending a marriage in Connecticut. As emotions run high and each individual is fixated on making sure that he or she receives specific property and assets, one may not always divulge all the pertinent details. At times, one or both individuals are unaware of some assets that should be considered in the divorce.

Connecticut families can struggle when child support not received

Being a parent can be one of life's most fulfilling challenges. It can also be one of life's most difficult challenges when the resources are not there to properly take care of a child. For many single parents across Connecticut, it is a daily struggle to provide anything more than just the basic necessities for children. The primary reason for this struggle for many can be traced back to unpaid child support.

Domestic violence can creep into Connecticut relationship

At first everything seems great -- two people meet and decide to date. Sometimes the relationship ends in marriage; sometimes it continues in a less structured format. For most, there are the everyday disagreements that are resolved one way or another. For others, disagreements escalate or perhaps one or both parties become violent.  Regardless of wealth or position in society, domestic violence seems to creep into the lives of some Connecticut residents.

Connecticut parents and child custody agreements

Most Connecticut parents are protective of their children. They want what is best for the children, and they will go the extra mile to see that their children are taken care of. For most parents who do not live together, adhering to child custody agreements and allowing the non-custodial parent to visit with the children is not an issue.

Should Connecticut wife keep ex-husband's last name after divorce

There are numerous decisions to be made when a Connecticut couple decides to divorce. The common ones revolve around property settlements, child custody and child support. However, one more item should be addressed, when appropriate to the circumstances – whether the wife will keep her ex-husband's last name following the divorce.