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Should Connecticut wife keep ex-husband’s last name after divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2016 | Divorce |

There are numerous decisions to be made when a Connecticut couple decides to divorce. The common ones revolve around property settlements, child custody and child support. However, one more item should be addressed, when appropriate to the circumstances – whether the wife will keep her ex-husband’s last name following the divorce.

Changing one’s last name can be as simple as a line item in the divorce agreement. It seems like it would be an easy decision to make. Yet, for many, there is much more to it.

One reason why some women choose to keep their ex-husband’s last name is because of the children. By keeping the same name, there is often less confusion and questions when working with schools, doctor’s offices and other such endeavors. Additionally, it can make the adjustment easier on the children because there is still the connection to the family name for all involved.

Another reason why some choose to keep the last name is because this is the name they have used in their professional environment. Their customers and co-workers know them by this name. Furthermore, many depend upon referrals to generate business. By keeping the last name that these potential customers have been told, they will be easier to locate and are more likely to reap the benefits of the referral.

The decision regarding keeping the ex-husband’s last name is a personal one for each Connecticut couple who decides to divorce. While the name may carry with it emotional concerns, there are also reasons to maintain the name. Discussing the situation with one’s legal representative may prove beneficial in deciding which avenue is best for the individual.

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