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July 2016 Archives

Children and divorce in Connecticut

Years ago, the typical family consisted of mom, dad and the children. Happy or unhappy, peaceful or arguing, this was the norm. Today's Connecticut family looks very different. As a result of the increase in divorce over the years, there really is no average family. However, almost all families with children have one thing in common – children who desire to be loved and who want to spend time with their parents.

Jeremy Renner's child support problems of interest in Connecticut

There is no question about it -- children are expensive. In addition to basic needs such as food, clothes and housing, they often require money for school supplies, extra-curricular activities and dental bills. At times, it can be difficult for a Connecticut couple to keep up with everything that a child needs or would like to have. However, for a single parent depending on child support payments, it can be difficult to keep up with even the basics.

Prenuptial agreement can help in a Connecticut divorce

A couple meets, falls in love and decides to get married; it all sounds romantic. Then, real life comes into the picture for this Connecticut couple. In addition to romance, there are credit card debts, student loans, an inheritance, family businesses and perhaps even children to consider. If the romance fades and divorce looms in the foreseeable future, a prenuptial agreement will make this process more manageable.

How divorce influences credit

If there is one thing more stressful than divorce, it must be credit and debt. In many divorce cases, as some Connecticut residents are already aware, the two can overlap during the separation process. It is, therefore, important for both parties to have a full understanding of their rights and responsibilities under state law as they pertain to outstanding debt in a divorce situation.