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June 2015 Archives

Health risks of divorce may be overstated

Emotional stress can take a toll on an individual's health; this much is not in dispute. However, Connecticut residents have been hearing for years about the negative health effects of divorce, which is often linked to emotional upheaval. New studies are suggesting that the connection between divorce and failing health may not be as clear-cut as was originally thought. 

Technology's influence on divorce cases

In a world where everyone can post to Facebook, tweet, Instagram and text every element of their lives, it should not be surprising that it has become commonplace for people to do just that. However, Connecticut residents going through a divorce are reminded that such posts are of the permanent variety, and can be used against them at the negotiating table and before the court. In fact, many divorce experts are seeing just that happening more and more often. 

Protecting business assets in a divorce situation

Division of assets is one of the most common issues to arise during a separation. While most Connecticut residents would immediately think of marital assets like homes and cars as ones requiring special attention, sometimes a business can come into play in the midst of a divorce. Thankfully, there are several courses of action that can be taken to help secure an individual's business in the wake of the end of a marriage. 

What is required to seek a child support modification?

Divorced parents in Connecticut may have experienced that changing circumstances may lead to financial difficulties and situations in which the current child support is no longer sufficient. This may be due to an income reduction or the rising costs of providing for a growing child. Fortunately, the law recognizes this and provides opportunities for custodial parents to apply for child support modifications.