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What is required to seek a child support modification?

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2015 | Child Support |

Divorced parents in Connecticut may have experienced that changing circumstances may lead to financial difficulties and situations in which the current child support is no longer sufficient. This may be due to an income reduction or the rising costs of providing for a growing child. Fortunately, the law recognizes this and provides opportunities for custodial parents to apply for child support modifications.

A custodial parent who seeks a modification to increase child support will have to provide documented proof to substantiate such an application. The need for more child support may arise from a job loss, reduced working hours, on-the-job injury or more. As children grow older, their needs change, and more support may be required to meet their needs. Proof of reduced income and higher expenses will have to be presented to the family court.

Another aspect that may aid the successful petition for a child support modification is proof that the financial situation of the noncustodial parent has improved significantly. This can include a salary increase, inheritance, investment income or other sources of additional income. An increase of at least 10 percent of the income used for calculating the current support order may convince the court to award a modification.

Connecticut custodial parents may want to discuss their child support predicament with an experienced family law attorney. Regardless of how amicable the relationship between the two parents is, reaching an informal oral agreement could be detrimental. Such agreements are typically non-binding, and will not be recognized by the court if disputes arise in the future. Professional guidance through the legal proceeding of obtaining a modification to child support may avoid expensive litigation.

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