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Health risks of divorce may be overstated

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2015 | Divorce |

Emotional stress can take a toll on an individual’s health; this much is not in dispute. However, Connecticut residents have been hearing for years about the negative health effects of divorce, which is often linked to emotional upheaval. New studies are suggesting that the connection between divorce and failing health may not be as clear-cut as was originally thought. 

A recent poll has shown that, when measured after a divorce procedure has been successfully brought to a close, both individuals do not seem to suffer from long-term health problems any more than anyone else. Obviously, issues can arise during the process, and they do not magically go away over night. But for those who have moved on, and particularly for those who have remarried or entered new romantic partnerships, the news is good.

It is been pointed out many times that married couples tend to have better health than the unwed, but an interesting takeaway from this study is that men who had been married and divorced were somewhat less likely to suffer from certain health issues than their married counterparts might face. Obviously, the specifics of this study can be argued and are by no means set in stone. But it is important to note that the general consensus is not always the correct one.

When it comes to divorce, most people are attempting to improve their lives by moving in a different direction. For Connecticut residents, this process can be aided by seeking out the right information from the right professionals to ensure the process moves along quickly and with a minimum of snags. The faster individuals put their divorces to bed, the faster they can get back to being happy and healthy. 

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