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September 2013 Archives

Connecticut men facing divorce urged to research ahead

It is very common in the public sphere to imagine separation scenarios as being one-sided -- Hollywood often likes to portray women in a more positive light than men in these scenarios. But as many Connecticut residents are aware, divorce is almost never so clear-cut. Many men are blindsided by the intricacies of divorce and are unprepared to effectively pursue their fair share, which can be mitigated by foreknowledge of the process.

Dividing property in Connecticut divorce not always easy

It can be complicated to determine which spouse is entitled to what property during a separation. Connecticut residents who have experienced divorce understand that tempers can flare when it comes to dividing assets, particularly those with sentimental value. One of the most common points of contention is the engagement ring, and the question of whether it belongs to the person who purchased it or the person for whom it was intended.

Thorough documentation key to successful Connecticut divorce

Separations are never easy on either spouse, but there are ways of mitigating the associated stress and emotional cost. Connecticut residents seeking a divorce are urged to be prepared ahead of time, both in terms of what they want from a settlement and with the knowledge of their rights and responsibilities in the divorce proceedings. While these requirements may change from state to state, being prepared is a universally good idea according to many experts.

Why some Connecticut residents are seeking divorce after years

The old saying "til death do us part" hardly applies in the modern era, but there is still something to be said for the staying power of a marriage that endures for over a decade. But more and more, experts are noticing divorce rates among Connecticut residents married for anywhere from fifteen years up are on the rise. The reality, experts say, is that divorce can happen to anyone, and a number of factors can lead to a breakdown of a long-standing marriage.

Fiscal implications of divorce far-reaching in Connecticut

It is a well-documented fact that separations can be financially costly, but the long-term implications of an ended marriage can be even more involved. Some experts have warned Connecticut residents that dissolution of wealth as well as pensions can be influenced by divorce scenarios. It is recommended that both parties understand their rights and how their assets will be divided prior to approaching the negotiation table.