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Thorough documentation key to successful Connecticut divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2013 | Divorce |

Separations are never easy on either spouse, but there are ways of mitigating the associated stress and emotional cost. Connecticut residents seeking a divorce are urged to be prepared ahead of time, both in terms of what they want from a settlement and with the knowledge of their rights and responsibilities in the divorce proceedings. While these requirements may change from state to state, being prepared is a universally good idea according to many experts.

IRAs and pensions are among the most difficult marital assets to divide as their values may change over time. It is beneficial for both parties to have an idea in mind of how they want these assets to be divided ahead of approaching the negotiation table. It may also be helpful to understand ahead of time how local and state laws may influence the way non-physical assets are divided.

Additionally, the structure of divorce proceedings can change from state to state. While certain aspects are universal, for example, it is rare for a state to require more than a year’s separation before agreeing to process a divorce — the specifics can change depending on whether the couple is located in Connecticut or elsewhere. It is important to know how an individual state deals with divorce before entering into the proceedings.

It is a truth that divorce can take a financial and emotional toll on both spouses. However, Connecticut residents should take away that being prepared in terms of the facts and realities of divorce in this state can go a long way towards mitigating that toll. Anyone seeking divorce is urged to learn more about the process before beginning it.

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