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June 2013 Archives

Older people seeking divorce more common, experts say

It's been called "Grey Divorce" -- the prevalence of baby boomers over 50 seeking separations from long-term partners is on the rise. Connecticut residents approaching retirement age are actually statistically more likely to seek a divorce than ever before in history. Experts believe there are several contributing factors to this new trend.

Considering insurance issues important in Connecticut divorce

There are many considerations a separating couple must address when dividing assets and responsibilities. Many Connecticut residents facing divorce will focus on large issues like child support and debt division. However, of equal importance is the issue of insurance -- from life insurance to car insurance. How do couples facing separation deal with dividing these critical policies?

New bill in Connecticut set to alter domestic violence laws

The state House of Representatives has just passed a new bill that will modify existing laws for certain violent crimes. Specifically, the new bill put forth here in Connecticut will make changes to laws governing domestic violence and crimes of a sexual nature. Thankfully, the bill is slated to improve the lot of victims rather than provide more protection for perpetrators.