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Older people seeking divorce more common, experts say

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2013 | Divorce |

It’s been called “Grey Divorce” — the prevalence of baby boomers over 50 seeking separations from long-term partners is on the rise. Connecticut residents approaching retirement age are actually statistically more likely to seek a divorce than ever before in history. Experts believe there are several contributing factors to this new trend.

First and foremost, they say, it is a result of bad planning. Many people tend to view retirement as the last major landmark in life before settling into the reward of their golden years, but in reality, it is simply another stage in life that must be planned for. For many people of retirement age, the thought of what to do with all their newfound free time has not crossed their minds, and therein lies the problem, some are saying.

It is possible that marital difficulties can arise simply by spending too much time with one another, at the expense of individual time to pursue interests and personal growth. Those who have found a way to make their marriages work into their golden years have stressed the importance of having separate hobbies that take them out of the house and away from their partners. This much-needed breathing room can make the difference between a successful late-life marriage and a Grey Divorce.

It is never easy to contemplate a separation, regardless how old one might be. Connecticut seniors facing the prospect of a divorce are encouraged to seek out support in dealing with the unique challenges a late-life separation can present. In so doing it is possible to smooth the transition into a happy and fulfilling retirement.

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