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Alimony for Connecticut men facing divorce not a sure thing

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2013 | Divorce |

The changing landscape of the American economy means more women are earning more money than ever before in history. While this is doubtless a positive step forward in terms of social development and the pursuit of equality, some men facing a divorce here in Connecticut and elsewhere throughout the nation are seeing a possible downside to this trend. Alimony payouts for men earning less than their spouses are statistically hard to come by, and may lead to a serious change in lifestyle for the former husband.


Statistically, 97 percent of alimony payments throughout the United States are awarded to women. While this is often due to the fact that women generally make less money than men in the grand scheme, some men find themselves on the short end of this stick as well. There are several reasons this might be the case.

Traditionally, men are perceived as breadwinners within a family unit, but as time goes on and roles within the family continue to change, more men are choosing to sacrifice career for the sake of family. Some men are choosing to stay home to raise children, while others simply make less money than their wives based on career decisions. In many cases, men who may benefit from, or be entitled to alimony payments do not pursue them out of a sense of shame.


As marriage changes, so must divorce. Here in Connecticut, it is important for men and women alike to ensure they are being fairly treated throughout the divorce process. Alimony awards can drastically influence the quality of life for a divorced spouse. It may benefit both spouses to seek out the legal precedents for alimony in Connecticut and determine who is entitled to what in the event of a divorce proceeding in advance of a court date.


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