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May 2013 Archives

Parenting after divorce can be challenging

Whether an individual retains full custody of their children after a separation or shares custody with their former partner, the dynamics of dealing with post-divorce parenting can be complicated. As many Connecticut families are keenly aware, divorce can affect children in a variety of ways. It can therefore be helpful to maintain respectful lines of communication in order to facilitate a smooth transition into a post-divorce life for all involved.

Divorce rates for same-sex couples difficult to measure

As civil unions become more prevalent across the nation, many same-sex couples are eager to take advantage of their newfound right to wed. However, others are just as eager to exercise their right to divorce, both here in Connecticut and elsewhere. How many same-sex couples are seeking divorce? Ultimately, the nature of same-sex marriage in the first place makes the answer "hard to say."

Custody and visitation challenges for fathers

The end of a marriage brings a wide range of changes for all involved. For Connecticut spouses who share children, there is a lengthy period following the divorce in which everyone must adjust to the realities of moving from one household to two. This can be a difficult transition for all, but can be especially trying for fathers, who are statistically more likely to receive visitation as a result of the custody and visitation agreement or court determination.

Ex-wife seeks to modify divorce settlement

Whenever parties finalize a divorce, there may still be cause for ex-spouses to meet in court again. The recent case of an ex-wife and her Major League baseball team franchise owner ex-husband highlights how seeking a divorce settlement modification or nullification can land former couples back in court. Any Connecticut couples in the midst of divorce may want to follow the case to see if the modified settlement that is being sought is awarded years after the original settlement.