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Parenting after divorce can be challenging

On Behalf of | May 28, 2013 | Divorce |

Whether an individual retains full custody of their children after a separation or shares custody with their former partner, the dynamics of dealing with post-divorce parenting can be complicated. As many Connecticut families are keenly aware, divorce can affect children in a variety of ways. It can therefore be helpful to maintain respectful lines of communication in order to facilitate a smooth transition into a post-divorce life for all involved.

Some experts recommend maintaining consistent but individual reward and consequence structures for children based upon where they are currently staying. Communication between parents ensures that both spouses know why a child is grounded or has done something praise-worthy. Establishing consistent boundaries and responsibilities can also help to set up a framework of stability for children.

Modeling appropriate behavior can also be beneficial. While two divorced people are not technically still a unit, they are still parents, and it can be beneficial for their children if they choose to conduct themselves as two separate parts of a unified team. Even in cases in which there is a great deal of animosity between former spouses, it can be helpful for the adults to set aside their grievances and display strong communication skills.

Ultimately, the experience of divorce is profoundly different for children than for the adults involved. While it can be helpful for the parents to exercise diplomacy and emotional maturity, Connecticut divorcees know this isn’t always possible. What is possible is the ability to seek out assistance in dealing with the particulars of divorce and child custody in order to ensure the difficult experience is mitigated for the children involved.

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