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Divorce rates for same-sex couples difficult to measure

On Behalf of | May 23, 2013 | Divorce |

As civil unions become more prevalent across the nation, many same-sex couples are eager to take advantage of their newfound right to wed. However, others are just as eager to exercise their right to divorce, both here in Connecticut and elsewhere. How many same-sex couples are seeking divorce? Ultimately, the nature of same-sex marriage in the first place makes the answer “hard to say.”

It may seem like common sense that same-sex divorce would come hot on the heels of a right to marry, but for same-sex couples, new challenges are being uncovered. For one thing, many couples who marry do so in states where the process is legalized, but that doesn’t mean they will continue to live there once the wedding is over. If they relocate to a state where their marriage isn’t legally recognized, legal divorce becomes a moot issue.

This means that divorce statistics for same-sex couples can be difficult to come by. Add into the equation the fact that even for states where the unions are legal, the laws are still relatively new and apply to a relatively small percentage of the overall population, and you have a recipe for statistics mayhem. This hasn’t stopped activists from pointing out the importance of same-sex divorce: many argue it is just as fundamental as the right to marry.

Married or divorced, same-sex rights are still a burgeoning movement in this country. Thankfully for Connecticut residents, the ability to marry is enjoyed by all our citizens, and brings with it all the associated rights, including the right to end that marriage. For same-sex couples seeking divorce, however, the process can still be challenging, and it is important for both parties to understand their rights and responsibilities under the law when seeking a legal end to their relationship.

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