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Recognizing domestic abuse

Sometimes, it can be difficult for people in Connecticut to recognize the signs of domestic abuse because it begins slowly. Often there is verbal and emotional abuse before there is physical abuse. This might include include threats, criticisms and accusations of infidelity.

New service will aid victims of domestic violence

Residents of Connecticut may have heard the recent improvements to 911 services in the state. Now, a person in need of assistance can send a text message, rather than call a dispatcher. While this new technology is meant to assist persons who have a disability that makes phone calls difficult, it will also help victims of domestic violence summon help discreetly.

Domestic violence suspect leads police on chase

Connecticut residents are likely aware that law enforcement responds to domestic disturbances in a quick and serious manner. In an effort to prevent escalating domestic violence, calls for help are treated as dangerous situations. When police respond to a home where alleged abuse has occurred, they often try to apprehend the alleged aggressor and then question the parties involved.

Campaign to assist victims of domestic violence

Connecticut families are probably aware that being a victim of a violent crime can be frightening long after an abuser has been apprehended. Domestic violence can be an especially scary scenario for victims because, in some cases, the abuser was providing for a victim or family. Victims may fear that, if they attempt to escape abuse, they may not be able to provide for themselves or their children.

Police aim to protect community from domestic violence

Residents of Connecticut are surely aware that, when it comes to allegations of violent crime, law enforcement does their best to respond swiftly. Domestic violence is a crime that often seems to occur out of the blue with no forewarning. Due to the risk to potential victims, police respond to domestic violence calls with extra precautions.

Police officers involved in domestic violence crime

When it comes to violent crime, Connecticut residents are surely aware that anyone can be a victim. Despite this knowledge, many people may feel truly shocked by recent headlines that tell the story of two police officers who now stand accused of domestic violence. The incident is a testament to the sad truth that lives can change in an instant when domestic situations get out of hand.

Domestic violence an all people's issue, not just women's issue

It is unfair to paint an entire gender with the same paintbrush. Although 85 percent of domestic violence victims are women and most of the violence is perpetrated by men, not all men are abusers. In fact, most aren't. Violence that is gender based is not just a women's issue -- it's one that pertains to society in general. Education and engagement of boys and men is crucial, experts say, for thwarting domestic violence in Connecticut and elsewhere.

Technology may aid in abuse suffered by domestic violence victims

Being in an emotionally or physically abusive relationship can have lasting effects on both parties involved. Add in the fact that technology gives the abuser access to one's location, the ability to read text messages and listen to phone calls, making the abuse even more disturbing. The legality of the use of spyware in domestic violence cases is new and the system is having a hard time figuring the legality of such actions. Domestic violence victims and their advocates in Connecticut are learning just how invasive such spyware can be.

Spousal abuse leaves victims financially vulnerable

When one hears the words domestic abuse, many think of violent physical attacks. Although this stands to be true in many instances in Connecticut, financial abuse is often just as emotionally devastating. This aspect of spousal abuse can create the same feelings of isolation and vulnerability, especially as these instances occur behind closed doors and are often not discussed with family and close friends.

Football star faces domestic violence charges

Any relationship can sometimes be difficult to navigate and the resolution to a disagreement can be hard to navigate. Even those who find themselves in the spotlight with fame and fortune are not immune. Conflict can have a way of bringing out the worst in a person, and the tendency toward violence that may not have been an issue in the early phases of a relationship can rear its hurtful head. Should domestic violence become an issue in any Connecticut relationship, finding help for both the victim and the abuser is crucial to saving lives.

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