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Several firearms found following domestic violence arrest

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2020 | Domestic Violence |

For many people in Stamford, divorce is not something they are seeking and only viewed as an option of last resort. At the same time, however, there are also some who are suffering domestic violence at the hands of their spouses for whom divorce may be their only pathway to personal safety.

Yet while they certainly want the abuse to end, domestic violence victims may fear that asking for a divorce will only cause it to escalate. They may even believe themselves to be able to endure the worst of it if it means protecting others they love (such as their children).

A potentially dangerous situation

Sadly, many who hold to that line of thinking are tragically proven wrong. Law enforcement authorities in California believe that a woman and her two children may have narrowly escaped what might have been just such an escalation when they arrested her partner on domestic violence charges. After responding to the call for help and taking the suspect into custody, they subsequently found several firearms and ammunition both in his home and around his property. Details of the incident of domestic violence were not released other than the event did result in a physical altercation. One responding officer indeed acknowledged that the situation might have ended a lot worse.

Seeking needed protection

This case serves to demonstrate that those who find themselves trapped in abusive marriages do indeed have protective resources they can rely on to assist in their escape. Often it only takes finding such help in order to initiate their journey towards ending their abuse. An experienced family law attorney may be of great assistance in aligning anyone in such a situation with these resources.