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March 2017 Archives

Who determines child support in Connecticut?

Whether you were married a couple years or decades before you filed for divorce, if you and your former spouse had children together during that time, you'll likely have to resolve several issues regarding their care and financial support before achieving a settlement. Such topics often prompt many questions, including who, if anyone, will pay child support, how much that support might be and who decides. In Connecticut, there are guidelines to help those facing such situations navigate the family law system. 

Can an international court supercede a child custody ruling here?

Many Connecticut parents are familiar with the problems that often arise regarding parenting plans and divorce. While not every child custody situation is contentious, it's definitely not uncommon for problems regarding the issue to arise. A woman in another state claims she was merely adhering to an existing court order when her situation suddenly became an international incident.

Unprecedented child custody decision made in another state

What constitutes average Connecticut families nowadays looks a lot different than traditional families of long ago. Many children today are raised by single parents or by grandparents. While there are indeed still families where a mother stays home to raise the children and the father acts as sole breadwinner, the landscape of the American family has changed a great deal. As families evolve, so do child custody situations in divorce.

Options available for protection regarding domestic violence

Physical and emotional abuse are serious problems that plague many Connecticut families and others throughout the nation. Countless spouses and children live in fear of domestic violence. Many adults have taken steps to protect themselves and their children, which has often included filing for protection orders against the parties who placed them at risk.