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Who determines child support in Connecticut?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2017 | Child Support |

Whether you were married a couple years or decades before you filed for divorce, if you and your former spouse had children together during that time, you’ll likely have to resolve several issues regarding their care and financial support before achieving a settlement. Such topics often prompt many questions, including who, if anyone, will pay child support, how much that support might be and who decides. In Connecticut, there are guidelines to help those facing such situations navigate the family law system. 

In any situation where parents disagree regarding child custody, visitation or financial support in divorce, the court has the final say. In Connecticut, there is a set Arrearage guideline that uses a particular mathematical formula to determine payment amounts. This helps keep child support orders fair and consistent throughout the state.        

This does not mean, however, that, once an amount has been set, it can never be changed. Under certain circumstances, it can. The initial amount is based on income, and if a judge or magistrate plans to deviate from the guidelines, he or she must provide an explanation for doing so.  

Child support issues are quite personal and often lead to contention between parents, especially when amicable communication has broken down. An experienced family law attorney can help a concerned Connecticut parent protect children’s best interests and obtain a fair and agreeable outcome in court. The Law Office of Robert A. Skovgaard is committed to advocating on your behalf in all matters related to family and divorce.