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September 2015 Archives

Dealing with the financial implications of divorce

As a general rule, divorce is expensive. Connecticut residents who have been through the divorce process understand that splitting marital assets can be both frustrating and challenging without the proper support. This is why it is so important for both parties to fully understand the implications the move will have on their financial status, both currently and in the future. 

Divorce of Affleck and Garner highlights mediation

Divorce can be a challenging and, at times, even destructive experience to families experiencing it. Many Connecticut residents have seen first-hand what a costly divorce battle in a courtroom setting can do, particularly to children of the couple seeking to dissolve a marriage. With more and more high-profile celebrity marriages ending in divorce mediation rather than the courtroom, divorce mediation is in the spotlight. 

Divorce issues endemic to so-called "gray divorce"

More and more Americans over the age of 50 are choosing the "gray divorce" option in ending long-term marriages once children are grown and out of the family home. Gray divorce is on the rise here in Connecticut, as across the nation, but it is giving rise to its own unique divorce issues at the same time. It is important for both spouses to understand what is involved in a gray divorce, or any divorce choice they choose to make, in advance of filing. 

The implications of social media in a divorce

In the modern era, nearly every American has some form of social media presence: a Twitter feed or a Facebook profile to name only a few. However, experts warn that social media can cause significant problems in a divorce situation. Often, they urge Connecticut residents to avoid it altogether until the divorce is behind them completely.