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The implications of social media in a divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2015 | Divorce |

In the modern era, nearly every American has some form of social media presence: a Twitter feed or a Facebook profile to name only a few. However, experts warn that social media can cause significant problems in a divorce situation. Often, they urge Connecticut residents to avoid it altogether until the divorce is behind them completely. 

The divorce law that pertains to how social media should be handled during a separation is still in flux and is being developed as lawmakers struggle to catch up with the meteoric rise of this kind of Internet use. However, divorce litigators can all agree that social media postings can have a detrimental effect on the process. Predominantly this is because people’s emotions run high during a divorce, and anger and sadness are often prominent, leading some to post things they really should not. 

And this is not just about posting angry messages about a former spouse. Photos can be incriminating as can other information about a spouse’s activities. A Facebook post about a vacation taken with a new person could lead to a subpoena investigating the individual’s finances in the face of asset distribution, for example. Ultimately most experts agree that posting during a divorce is just not worth it. 

As many Connecticut residents will understand, it can be very difficult to get through a divorce without a place to vent negative emotions. That is why a support network of friends and family, or even a professional therapist, can be beneficial in a difficult time; however, venting to family and friends in a confidential setting is preferable to venting to them online. Additionally, professional support can be helpful to facilitate the divorce process itself. 

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