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August 2015 Archives

More divorcing couples choosing collaborative divorce

Divorce is not an easy subject for a couple to broach, even if they are in the midst of ending their marriage. Here in Connecticut, couples are seeking alternatives to drawn-out court cases, and one of those possible alternatives is what is called "collaborative divorce." In such cases, both members of the couple secure their own representation, but the aim is to settle their divorce-related issues outside of a courtroom, making the process faster and less costly.

Divorce for younger couples can be difficult

While much is made of marital separation when it happens to couples with families, or the growing prevalence of grey divorces, young people experiencing the same process are often overlooked. Divorce is not usually thought of by Connecticut residents as something that happens when the couple is still in their 20s, but the truth is it happens all the time. There are several things that younger people experiencing divorce should keep in mind. 

Divorce for older couples motivated by finances

In an era dominated by so-called "gray divorce" in which people over 50 are separating at unprecedented rates, the question of why this is happening is one on many experts' minds. Connecticut residents might be surprised to learn that more and more couples are choosing divorce later in life in the interests of their personal finances. Unlike younger couples who might choose to stay in a marriage for the financial benefits of a two-person income, older couples are finding just the opposite. 

Connecticut residents could learn from celebrity divorce

On the surface, a celebrity couple ending a marriage seems to have very little to do with the typical person's experience of a marital dissolution. Connecticut residents know all too well how much divorce is sensationalized in gossip magazines and the like. However, some experts are suggesting that even "regular" couples could benefit from the example put forward by some celebrity couples.