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More divorcing couples choosing collaborative divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2015 | Divorce |

Divorce is not an easy subject for a couple to broach, even if they are in the midst of ending their marriage. Here in Connecticut, couples are seeking alternatives to drawn-out court cases, and one of those possible alternatives is what is called “collaborative divorce.” In such cases, both members of the couple secure their own representation, but the aim is to settle their divorce-related issues outside of a courtroom, making the process faster and less costly.

In a collaborative divorce, both spouses are required to sign a contract, binding them legally to the process until it is complete. At this point, the legal team for each individual steps in to start the process of negotiation for such pertinent issues as asset division, child support and alimony. It should be noted that both legal teams will be unable to reopen litigation on this matter at a later date. 

Collaborative law differs in no small degree from other alternatives such as mediation or arbitration. Mediators are generally neutral parties acting as a “referee” between both spouses. Arbitration, on the other hand, typically involves a neutral party hearing both sides and making a decision separate from either spouse’s further input. 

Obviously, collaborative divorce is not for everyone, as every couple is different. However, Connecticut residents facing divorce are encouraged to seek out information on all their possible options before moving forward with a legal separation. With the correct professional support, it is hoped they will find a solution that works best for them and their respective families. 

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