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October 2014 Archives

Stay-at-home moms face divorce issues

For years, it was fairly commonplace for a husband to be the primary breadwinner in a nuclear family with the mother staying home to raise children. However, Connecticut residents are well aware this is hardly the case in the modern era. Unfortunately, for women who voluntarily choose the road of the "stay-at-home mom," they will face unique divorce issues. This may be particularly true with regard to alimony. 

Securing a divorce in a contentious marriage

While no one enters a marriage hoping for it to end in divorce, it is equally true that no one particularly wants to fight a war when it comes to the separation.  Connecticut residents understand, however, that, in certain circumstances, one spouse will want a divorce while the other will attempt to block. There are a few things to keep in mind when preparing to work toward a separation that may be challenging to achieve.

More divorce issues for those facing "gray divorce"

The phenomenon of the "gray divorce" is once again on the rise in America. Connecticut residents might be familiar with this term as it refers to individuals who divorce after the age of 60. These individuals are faced with more complex divorce issues than one might initially expect, largely because of the time in life they are choosing to end their partnerships. 

Thinking of divorce? Consider retirement assets

Asset division can be a headache during a separation, especially if it isn't an amicable one. Connecticut residents who have been through a divorce can confirm that fighting about money is quite often a leading cause of divorce, and it doesn't always end at the settlement table. However, it is important for both individuals to have a full understanding of what constitutes an asset, and that includes retirement savings.

Former "Idol" judge to divorce

One of the three original judges of television's long-running hit karaoke competition "American Idol" is slated to legally end his marriage, according to celebrity news.  Randy Jackson, who Connecticut fans know has spent 12 years on the popular show as a talent judge, is in divorce proceedings as of this month.  Apparently Jackson's wife Erika filed the papers.