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Former “Idol” judge to divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2014 | Divorce |

One of the three original judges of television’s long-running hit karaoke competition “American Idol” is slated to legally end his marriage, according to celebrity news.  Randy Jackson, who Connecticut fans know has spent 12 years on the popular show as a talent judge, is in divorce proceedings as of this month.  Apparently Jackson’s wife Erika filed the papers. 

Erika Jackson filed for divorce on September 26 after 19 years of marriage to her producer husband. She cited irreconcilable differences as the cause and claimed their separation date as September 11 of this year. She has also begun the process of legally reverting her last name to her maiden name of Riker.  

The couple has two children together, the youngest of which is 17 years old.  Erika is suing for full physical custody as well as spousal support to maintain standard of living. The report does not elaborate on the Jacksons’ personal finances, but it can be assumed that, after 12 years on a hit television show, it is likely their assets are considerable. As a result, Randy could be looking at a considerable support payment should Erika’s petition be accepted by the court. 

Celebrity divorce is sadly common, as Connecticut residents are aware. However, removing the hype and press reveals that divorce can be just as challenging for individuals who do not live in the public eye. Whether one is a millionaire or an average citizen, understanding the ins and outs of the divorce process in one’s home state can be valuable once the proceedings begin.

Source: CBS News, “Randy Jackson of “American Idol” fame and wife to divorce after 19 years”, , Sept. 26, 2014