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September 2014 Archives

Divorce mistakes can be costly

It is reasonably fair to say that no one enters a marriage expecting it to end. Certainly, Connecticut residents approaching divorce will face challenges they may not have expected. However it is important for both spouses to avoid common pitfalls throughout the separation process; in this way, they can help to ensure a more smooth and amicable divorce.

Billionaire requests litigator for children in divorce case

The much-publicized separation of billionaire hedge fund operator Ken Griffin and his financier wife Anne has been the subject of a great deal of public scrutiny over the last several months in the financial sector and beyond. Connecticut residents may be aware of the divorce proceedings and the fierce child custody battle taking place over the couple's three children. In a recent move, Ken has requested the assignment of a special children's litigator to help look after his children's interests in what is likely to be a settlement worth billions.

Get your affairs in order before filng a Connecticut divorce

Even though it is difficult to pinpoint exactly how many marriages end in divorce, many experts agree that the percentage hovers near at least 40 percent. With that many people ending their marriages, it is surprising that people are not more prepared before they file for divorce. Connecticut residents who are contemplating divorce may want to consider getting their affairs in order before filing.

Asset and debt division in divorce can be complicated

By far, the most contentious issue in American marriages is money. It stands to reason, then, that Connecticut residents facing divorce can expect to have similar challenges when it comes to dividing assets and debt as part of the divorce process. A solid understanding of how this process works, including potential support payments, can go a long way toward mitigating these issues.