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Divorce mistakes can be costly

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2014 | Divorce |

It is reasonably fair to say that no one enters a marriage expecting it to end. Certainly, Connecticut residents approaching divorce will face challenges they may not have expected. However it is important for both spouses to avoid common pitfalls throughout the separation process; in this way, they can help to ensure a more smooth and amicable divorce.

The most common issue in divorce is the division of property and assets. Quite often, individuals remain unaware of the true state of their finances as a couple until it is too late. Some former spouses might even hide assets or accrue a large quantity of debt prior to the divorce in order to influence how these assets and debts are divided in the separation agreement. A solid understanding of what’s really going on can make a huge difference in a settlement case.

It is entirely natural to have an emotional reaction to a divorce. It can be a very emotionally challenging time for both spouses, but it is important to remember that clearer heads prevail. In a situation where one or the other spouse is behaving erratically due to his or her feelings, it can reflect negatively in the eyes of the court and influence the outcome of a divorce hearing.

Generally speaking, there is no guide book on how to accurately navigate divorce.  However, there are many resources available to Connecticut residents to help them become more informed about the process and their role in it. If everyone learns more about divorce and the specifics of their rights and responsibilities, it may be possible to facilitate a more rapid and equitable settlement.

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