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May 2014 Archives

Joint custody overtakes maternal custody

For many years, in divorces where children are involved, it has been widely believed that the courts will favor the mother. A new study, which may surprise Connecticut residents, suggests this has not been true for some time, and the times are still changing. At this point, it appears that joint custody has become the popular option among divorcing parents.

Full understanding of finances helpful in divorce situations

The unfortunate reality about a marital separation is that, sooner or later, the question of asset division will have to be broached. For Connecticut residents who have experienced divorce, this can often be the most frustrating part of a divorce proceeding outside of child custody. However, there are ways to come to the negotiation table with a degree of preparedness, which can help smooth the process for all involved.

Gray divorce sometimes attributed to "empty nest"

Parents everywhere will attest that when children leave the familial home, life changes forever. However, as some Connecticut residents are aware, this does not always bode well for the spouses left behind who must rediscover one another after years of fulfilling parental roles. Some experts believe this so-called "empty nest syndrome" can be a leading cause of gray divorce.

Likelihood of divorce increases with illness

A new study suggests that illness can play a role in the longevity of marriages. The study, which may surprise Connecticut residents, indicates that divorce becomes more likely in incidences of chronic or serious sickness arising for one member of a couple. While the last few years has seen a dramatic rise in so-called grey divorce for older couples, this study sheds new light on one of the potential causes for the phenomenon.

Keeping to routine essential in helping children through divorce

When a child's parents separate or end their marriage, the impact can be profound. Connecticut parents who have gone through divorce can attest that children's responses to such a profound change in their lives can manifest in many ways, some of which can be quite challenging to deal with. It is important for parents to address their children's needs while seeking out the most efficient and amicable divorce solution available.