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Keeping to routine essential in helping children through divorce

On Behalf of | May 1, 2014 | Divorce |

When a child’s parents separate or end their marriage, the impact can be profound. Connecticut parents who have gone through divorce can attest that children’s responses to such a profound change in their lives can manifest in many ways, some of which can be quite challenging to deal with. It is important for parents to address their children’s needs while seeking out the most efficient and amicable divorce solution available.

Perhaps most importantly, children need to be reassured that the divorce is not their fault. Many children, particularly young ones, feel a tremendous sense of self-blame in divorce scenarios, and parents working to actively counteract those feelings can make all the difference in the world. Mitigating these feelings of blame can also help smooth the road in circumstances of shared custody.

Depending on the tone of the separation, the relationship between partners may not be as amicable as it once was. Some experts believe that putting on a civil front and maintaining a level of respect when discussing the other parent can help assuage feelings of guilt in children who might feel bad about caring for both parents equally. Keeping things civil can also make a difference at the negotiation table, allowing spouses to concentrate on business rather than long-standing arguments.

Divorce hits children harder than any other member of a family. Connecticut parents facing divorce may benefit from learning more strategies they can use to help their children through the difficult transition. Seeking out support to ensure the divorce process is efficient and amicable can also help the whole family move on in a healthy way.

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