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March 2014 Archives

Divorce may present additional challenges to at-home parents

The change in life that accompanies a divorce can take on many aspects. Connecticut residents who have been through divorce can attest that it can be challenging to readjust to a single-income household. This can be particularly true for the parent awarded sole or primary custody of a child or children.

Which parent is entitled to tax exemption in divorce?

A separation can be an major life change for adults and children alike. A divorce, as many Connecticut residents are aware, can have repercussions across many facets of family life. With tax time fast approaching, it may benefit parents considering divorce to become knowledgeable about child custody issues and, most notably, which parent will be able to claim the children on a tax return.

Be prepared for a less stressful divorce in Connecticut

If Connecticut residents who have been through a divorce are asked what, in their opinion, was the most difficult and emotional part of their divorce, the answer would probably be split between child custody and asset division. Both of these are very important aspects of a divorce and need to be discussed in depth by both spouses. If both parties are organized and have the relevant information prepared, a fair division of assets may be achieved.

Retirement can be affected by divorce

More and more often, couples who have been together most of their lives are seeking separation alternatives. Colloquially called "grey divorce," this phenomenon is making waves both here in Connecticut and elsewhere in the country, as rising divorce rates among senior citizens becomes more prominent. Before seniors seek a divorce, it is important for both parties to understand what the ramifications may be on their retirement plans.